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Drugs Offence
Drugs Offence

Drugs Related Offences

Drug matters account for about one-third of matters in the District Court and are becomingly extremely common. Whether you are charged with a minor offence such as possession of drugs or the most serious of drug offences including drug supply and importation,  it is important you find an experienced drugs lawyer in Sydney who can help you avoid a criminal conviction or even avoid imprisonment. Contact our team and speak to our expert drug lawyers.


Traffic Offences
Traffic Offences

Traffic Offences

Being in a situation where you could lose your driver licence can be stressful. Are you facing lengthy disqualifications of the road? Have you been caught on a number of occasions driving whilst disqualified and facing a term of imprisonment? Our lawyers are experienced in traffic law and can assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome. Contact our team and speak to our expert traffic lawyers.


Domestic Violence & AVO's
Domestic Violence & AVO's

Domestic/Family Violence

Domestic violence charges are taken very seriously in Australia. If you are charged with a Domestic Violence offence it can place a heavy burden on your life and often results in long term reputational damage. Be sure to find an experienced lawyer that can defend you in your Domestic Violence matter. Contact our team and speak to our expert Domestic Violence lawyers


Sexual Assault Charges
Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual Assault Charges

When being charged with rape or sexual assault offence it is crucial to look into employing the best criminal defence lawyer in Sydney to ensure you receive the best representation possible. Our Experienced lawyers understand sexual assault charges and have appeared in many sexual assault trials.  Contact our team and speak to our expert Sexual Assualt lawyers


Criminal Lawyers Sydney

Our team of experienced criminal lawyers are on call to assist you, no matter the situation. We specialise in all things criminal law and work hard to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. If you are charged with a criminal offence be sure to get in contact with us today!

The team at Australian Criminal Defence handle all types of criminal offences including drink driving, drug possession, supply drug offences, domestic violence, sexual assaults, fraud matters to the most serious matters including murder and drug importation throughout New South Wales and appear at all levels of the court system including the Children, Local, District and Supreme Court.

Our team of lawyers include specialist drug lawyers who deal with the most serious of drug matters and have secured unlikely acquittals in a range of matter including commercial supply and drug importation. Together with our select team of barristers and forensic experts, we work as a team, drawing on decades of criminal law experience.

Some criminal lawyers take a wait-and-see approach. They stall until the first court date, or until they receive the police brief of evidence before investigating and working up your case.

By contrast, we believe there’s no time to waste. The most critical window for defence work may be the first few days following an arrest, or even prior to formal charges being filed. By getting to work immediately, often we can locate favourable defence evidence and witnesses, and get a “head start” towards defending the charges.

At Australian Criminal Defence, our defence lawyers give your case our full attention, to ensure you are treated fairly under the criminal justice system and our team has built a reputation of having serious cases dropped prior to the matter reaching a jury trial.

Whether you are facing a minor offence such as drug possession and are hoping to avoid a criminal conviction or facing a more serious charge like drug supply or sexual assault, contact the experienced team at Australian Criminal Defence to give you the best chance of successfully defending your charges.


Why Choose Australian Criminal Defence

We guarantee you will be represented in court by a specialist criminal defence lawyer with real and considerable courtroom experience.
You will be provided with the contact number of the lawyer handling your matter. Our lawyers will handle your matter with care, compassion and professionalism.
Our team has achieved consistent success in helping our clients obtain the best possible outcome in their matter.
Our lawyers are experts in criminal law and have been ranked in the top 5 lawyers in Sydney for criminal and drug matters.

We offer competitive fixed fees for a range of cases and services and you will be told the exact cost of your case on the very first meeting with us.

Criminal Lawyers Faq’s

What should I do if I am charged with a criminal offence?
What happens if I get arrested?
Should I represent myself or should I get a criminal lawyer?
Can police search my house?
Can police search my car?
Which court will my matter be heard in and why does it matter?
What should I bring to my first consultation with my lawyer?
How much will my case cost?
How to choose the best criminal lawyer?
Should I give a police interview?
What is bail and how and when can I apply for bail?
Should I take part in an Identification parade if asked by police?
What happens on my first court date?
What is possession of a prohibited drug?
What is supply of a prohibited drug?
What is drug importation?
Can I avoid a conviction for a drug offence?
When does a criminal conviction appear on my criminal record?
Will I have to speak in court?

What Kind of Experience Does The Criminal Lawyer Have? If you ever find yourself in a case where there may be a criminal charge against you, the chances are that you are going to be scared for your life. There were so many different scenarios that could lead to that, and you need to find someone who has experience dealing with your specific situation. For example, you cannot expect someone who dies with DUI cases regularly to work well on a sexual assault case. When you are shortlisting, be sure to ask for relevant experience and see if the Sydney criminal lawyer you are considering has what you need.

How Well Reputed Are They? This is an extremely important question as it will provide you with the easiest way to either consider or exclude someone from your search. If someone has a good reputation and serves their clients properly, they will probably treat you the same way. The same applies to bad lawyers as well, meaning that if a lawyer is known to cause problems of any kind, then they might end up doing the same for you as well. Always look for a Sydney criminal lawyer who has a repetition of satisfying their customers and winning cases for them as well.

Do They Have the Relevant Credentials? An easy way to find out if the Sydney criminal lawyer you are considering can handle your cases is by checking for the qualifications and experience that they have. Ask for credentials from the lawyer you are thinking of hiring and see what educational background and experience they have had. The best lawyers always go to the top institutions, but the right ones usually have streaks and a great track record in the courtroom overall.

Are They Providing Guarantees? The simple fact is that you cannot control what happens in a courtroom once a hearing starts. Every side can only present their arguments and evidence and then it is up to the judge and jury to decide who is right and who is wrong. If a Sydney criminal lawyer provides you with guarantees for your cases, then it will be best to remain sceptical and stay away from them if you can. Such promises mean that they are either not confident about their performance or doing something illegal which should also be reported.

Are They Within Your Budget? Last but certainly not least, you also need to consider the budget you have for the case. The right criminal lawyer for you is also the person charging you an amount that you can afford to pay. While it does help to push your budget a little if you are getting a great deal, going out of the way for it is never a good idea. Talk about your budget openly and check if there are any hidden fees to avoid issues in the future.

Criminal cases are no joke, and you want to hire the most suitable Sydney criminal lawyer that you can. The factors defined here should help you find the right person and make sure that you win the case that you are in.

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