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There is a range of drink driving offences and all of them have a corresponding penalty depending on the extent of the crime and the number of previous offences.

If it is your first offence, there is a case that you can receive a Section 10 and not have to worry about any licence disqualification or further penalties beyond a fine.

However, should it be above a low range offence and/or it’s happened before, having an experienced attorney at your side will be beneficial.

Call Criminal Lawyers will work hard to understand your need for a licence and present a strong case to avoid further punishment. Because of the danger posed by people driving under the influence of alcohol, it can be challenging to receive no conviction.

Drink driving offences can result in jail time or licence disqualification of up to 5 years depending on the extremity of the crime.

A lawyer is able to give you the best advice in achieving the best possible result at your hearing. Not only will a high-quality attorney be able to present a strong case but we will also sign you up for the Traffic Offenders Program that aims to help people who have committed a serious traffic offence.

This program can be helpful when presenting your case and work in your favour to receive a smaller punishment.

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