Here are the latest reviews from our valued clients. Full names have been omitted for confidentiality reasons.


I am exceptionally happy with the team at Australian Criminal Defence. When I was charged with my drug offence they helped me every step of the way and explained everything very clearly. I even managed to avoid any jail time. – Omar R

Very grateful to the team at Australian Criminal Defence, my two traffic offences were dismissed in court which means I did not lose my licence and seeing as though I need a car to do my job, I am over the moon. – Greg P.

My lawyer was always well prepared and we were able to deal with anything that came his way. I am very impressed with the legal representation from Australian Criminal Defence and I would certainly recommend any one of their lawyers to others who are dealing with a criminal charge. –  Matthew  C

Joseph at Australian Criminal Defence was 100% dedicated and committed to getting the best result. I am extremely relieved that they were able to overturn the criminal charge against me.  – Charlie W

I received the best legal advice from my lawyer at Australian Criminal Defence. Joseph was always there to answer my questions and help me through the process. He gave a high level of commitment to my case. – Jessica L.

Joseph was extremely helpful and professional when dealing with my drug offence matter. I was able to avoid a conviction. – Anthony K.

Australian criminal defence were highly professional in dealing with my case. I want to thank Joseph for his efforts in my case. – Ahmed S.

Thank you to Mark for representing me in my matter.  Mark and his team were very capable lawyers and helped me avoid jail for my drug matter. – Jimmy S.