How to pursue a career in criminal law
How to pursue a career in criminal law

There are many people out there who are looking to find out more information so they can pursue a career in criminal law. There can be many reasons why someone may be interested in this field and it is usually because they themselves or someone they know has gone through some kind of criminal experience. You see, criminal law is the area of law that focuses on crimes. This covers a whole host of different crimes which could involve drugs, speeding, theft, fraud, tax evasion, or something else entirely. What can unfortunately happen is that those with a lower socioeconomic background will be unfairly judged in the courtroom. This may be because of the way they speak, because of the way they dress, or perhaps because they are covered in tattoos. Due to their appearance, they may receive an unnecessarily harsh penalty and do not receive a fair trial. As there are many people out there who feel passionate about ensuring that all people from all walks of life receive fair representation, they will feel drawn to a career in criminal law.

Attending university open days

One of the best ways to discovering exactly what is required in order to become a lawyer in Australia is by attending university open days. Many universities across Australia will run these several times a year so that potential students and their families can not only visit the campus but ask questions about their potential degrees. For example, finding how long do the degrees go for and what kinds of further studies and work experience will be needed after the initial degree. Another great way to discovering what it is really like to be a criminal law lawyer is by asking a professional to be a mentor. This may involve meeting with them once a month to see what the ins and outs of their job is like. While some lawyers will not have the time to do this, many will be impressed with the initiative shown and will even offer their mentee a position in their firm down the track. Similarly, some may meet with a mentor a few times and then realise that law isn’t for them or that criminal law isn’t for them. It is best to discover this first before entering into an extremely stressful and expensive university degree. All in all, becoming a criminal law lawyer can be extremely rewarding for those who are passionate.

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Joseph Harb

Joseph Harb is the Principal Lawyer at Sydney City Crime and one of Sydney’s most respected criminal lawyers. Joseph appears in matters in all jurisdictions in Australia and has consistently achieved a solid reputation in criminal and drug matters Joseph is a keen blog writer and has a focus on social justice issues and encroachment on civil liberties

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