How a criminal record effects your life
How a criminal record effects your life

A criminal record is a black stain on someone’s life. It’s effectively a lifelong brand that suggests someone is untrustworthy and willing to break the laws of society.

A record of criminal behaviour can be devastating to someone’s personal and professional life.

This is why it is so crucial for someone facing a criminal charge to get the assistance of a criminal defence lawyer on their side.

Let’s take a look at some of the main consequences a criminal record can have on someone’s life.


One of the hardest results of a criminal record is that it affects someone’s ability to get a job. Potential employers are careful about who they hire and are less likely to give a job to someone with a criminal past.

This is most obvious in cases where someone has been charged with a dishonest offence, such as theft. An employer will see this candidate as a liability because they may steal something from their business.

Even when someone is completely rehabilitated and served a lengthy sentence, they are still looked on with mistrust by those who have never broken the law. While it is definitely possible to get a job having had a criminal record it is very limited in the types of career that can be pursued.

Residential suitability

Another consequence of having a criminal record is being limited in the types of residence that can be attained. Many property owners and landlords want to know the profile of people they let move in.

One of the first things someone will do before signing a lease is checked the criminal record of a candidate. They may be cautious of letting a former criminal live on their property and will deny the application.

Freedom to travel overseas

Other countries are cautious about who they let into their borders and will perform criminal checks of someone before they grant a visa. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, entry can be denied because of someone’s criminal record. Just see what happens if you want to travel to the USA with a criminal record. See here.

Reputation with friends, family and community

One of the intangible consequences for someone with a criminal record is being looked at differently by the people around them. Some people are very judgemental towards anyone with a criminal record, regardless of the nature of the crime.

People with criminal records may not be invited to certain events or allowed to be in places where children might be present. This can have a profound psychological effect on the person with a criminal record.

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