Traits you want in your criminal defence lawyer
Traits you want in your criminal defence lawyer

A criminal charge is one of the most serious legal predicaments someone can find themselves in.

Naturally, those facing criminal prosecution will want to settle for nothing but the best in legal defence.

With someone’s employability, ability to travel overseas and freedom on the line, it’s vital for them to seek the services of an experienced defence lawyer. This lawyer can use their skills to help secure the acquittal or fair sentencing of their client.

But what are the traits that a good criminal lawyer should have? Let’s find out.

Excellent research skills

A good criminal lawyer will understand the value of research in discovering precedent and learning as much as they can about the alleged crime. Often times a defence lawyer can find facts that the police have overlooked and discredit evidence used against their client.

Skilled at negotiation

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of criminal law cases are not intense shouting matches where freedom is won through the argumentation of a rhetorically skilled lawyer. Many cases are handled behind closed doors where the defence lawyer will negotiate a plea deal on behalf of their clients.

Demonstrates perseverance

A good criminal lawyer should demonstrate dogged determination on behalf of their client. They must exhaust every possible legal means to help their client and make appeals should they be found guilty.

Experience in defending against similar charges


If someone is charged with assault they should seek a defence lawyer who has had experience with similar cases and this goes for all criminal matters. A lawyer with experience in defending clients with similar charges will have a good understanding of the kinds of evidence that police will present and how to defend against them.

It is even better if a defence lawyer has had prior experience as a prosecutor. This will give them insight into how the other side operates and allow them to predict certain things in the case.

Is an unbiased advocate

While some defence lawyers may be seen with disdain in the public eye for defending alleged criminals, good ones will never let this perception affect their work ethic. A good defence lawyer is not concerned with the guilt of their client, only what can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

They will understand their role in society as a necessary one. They know that criminal charges are serious and that their role is to make sure that any evidence that leads to conviction was proven beyond reasonable doubt as well as to ensure fair sentencing for their client.

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Joseph Harb

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